Friday, September 30, 2016

Regretting not being active against George W Bush

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I remember these protests AFTER Bush was elected. I remember how depressing it was to watch people be so upset and so impotent.

I remember how depressed I was that I wasn't more involved BEFORE the election.

Breaking out of the complacency bubble and doing something

So many liberals that I know and live near in Boston express shock and outrage about Donald Trump, but are complacent about actually doing anything for Hillary.

The purpose of this blog is a gathering place for ideas and actions that disrupt this complacency.

The goal is to mobilize people in the bubble to reach out of the bubble. To donate money, to phone bank and travel to swing states, to mobilize their complacent friends.

The vision is a wave of non-complacency issuing out of the comfortable liberal enclaves.